Rules of the game:


A game on the pistes, free and open to all, leading you to all 4 corners of the Meribel valley.

Participation in the game implies unconditional acceptance and compliance with the rules that are available on the website upon registration and at any time during the game.

Come and experience the Yeti trail in Meribel Mottaret, the Meribel Altiport Inuit trail and the Kenotheque at the Parc Olympique, meet all the strange characters who will challenge you to solve the riddles of the valley!

So get yourself straight onto Kenotte’s treasure trail by solving the puzzles presented before you!

Gifts await you at each amusement area! Once all the puzzles are solved you can take part in the prize draw to win Kenotte’s Treasure!

The game will not be timed and the winners of the treasure will be determined by prize draw, chosen from everyone who has finished the adventure


Kenotte’s Treasure Hunt will run from DECEMBER 10th, 2016 until APRIL 14th, 2017.

Throughout the winter, participants who have completed the entry form on the website are eligible to take part and to try and win family lift passes.

Where ?

The Treasure Hunt will be held on:

  • The Yeti Trail in Meribel Mottaret.
  • The Inuit Trail in Meribel Altiport.
  • The Kenotheque at the Parc Olympique.

To play, the participants simply have to go to each site and solve the puzzles.


Registration is free and open to all.

To play, you just have to collect a treasure map at the ski pass cash desk, or from one of the treasure hunt trails.

Then just head to the designated areas and start the adventure!

There is no starting point, you just have to go to the ski resort when the special areas are open.

Whenever you solve a puzzle or overcome a challenge you will have to secretly list the clues on your card. Be discreet! Never tell the other players where you are going, why and what you discovered.

Once all the puzzles are solved, all that remains is to complete the entry form for the prize draw:

Treasure to win ?

At the end of the adventure, and every week of the school holidays, all participants who have completed the entry form will be eligible to take part in the draw to try and win: 1x 6-day pass for children (5-12 years old) for Meribel Valley worth €198.

Loads of goodies will be given out along the way in all the game zones!

Participants' data?

In accordance with the French law on "Informatique et libertés" of January 6th, 1978 (Freedom of Information), participants have the right to access, modify, correct and delete data concerning them that is held by the organiser during the running time of the game below:

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